Albertine Adrienne MONCHATREAge: 2 months18781878

Albertine Adrienne MONCHATRE
Given names
Albertine Adrienne
Birth May 7, 1878
Associate: Alfred MONCHATREfather
16-1878 - Albertine Adrienne Monchatre - B.jpg
Death July 17, 1878 (Age 2 months)
16-1878 - Albertine Adrienne Monchatre - D.jpg
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: June 27, 1874Le Breil-sur-Mérize, Sarthe, France
2 years
elder brother
Alfred Louis François MONCHATRE
Birth: June 17, 1876Le Breil-sur-Mérize
Death: August 21, 1876Le Breil-sur-Mérize
23 months
Albertine Adrienne MONCHATRE
Birth: May 7, 1878Le Breil-sur-Mérize
Death: July 17, 1878Le Breil-sur-Mérize
2 years
younger sister
Luce Sidolva MONCHATRE
Birth: August 14, 1880Le Breil-sur-Mérize
Death: September 13, 1880Le Breil-sur-Mérize
Mother’s family with Louis Désiré GASNOT - View this family
Marriage: October 28, 1871Coudrecieux, Sarthe, France

  1. Generation 1
    1. Albertine Adrienne MONCHATRE, daughter of Alfred MONCHATRE and Françoise Mélanie DORISON, was born on May 7, 1878 in Le Breil-sur-Mérize and died on July 17, 1878 in Le Breil-sur-Mérize at the age of 2 months.

Albertine Adrienne MONCHATRE has 5 first cousins recorded